Simforge Mrk-1 Dark Edition – Pre Order


Included 3 Pedals, 40120 Aluminum Mounting Base, 1 USB Cable, 6 Bumpers (including those already mounted on the Brake Pedal), 1 Electronics Board with acrylic mounting cover, 1 Ground Cable, Fasteners, 40120 Matte Black Powder Coated Aluminium mounting Base, 4 Matte Black Powder Coated Angle Brackets.

***Delivery Early June***


Add-ons total:



Simforge Mark-1 3 Pedal Set – ***Delivery Early June***

3mm Carbon steel Construction.

Plug and play Electronics Board.

14 Different Angle adjustments for individual Pedals

Height and side to side adjustments for the Foot Pad

Hall sensor-based Accelerator and Clutch Pedal.

80Kg Load Cell For the Brake Pedal.

24-Bit Resolution on the Brake Pedal.

16-Bit Resolution on the Accelerator and Clutch Pedal.

Adjustments to increase or decrease pedal travel.

Adjustments to increase or decrease Pedal Stiffness.

3 different types of Polyuratehene Bumpers for resistance of 90S , 80S , 70S.

Adjustable Sensitivity on Accelerator and Clutch Pedal.

40120 Mounting Base

Adjustable Heal plate with adjustments in Position, Height, and Angle.


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