Simedal GT-X Wheel


Welcoming the Simedal GT-X Wheel to Abruzzi! The perfect geometric concave steering wheel with the same lightweight foam rubber grip as racing car!


  • Same way of wrapping leather as real car steering wheel
  • Rear cover and shift paddle of all aluminum alloy CNC
  • Customized button and knob electrical components have excellent hand feel
  • 9 buttons
  • 3 knobs and can be pressed as buttons
  • 1 seven-way switch
  • Magnetic shift paddle with mute design
  • The clutch paddle of the clutch point is adjusted by the combination button
  • Total of 29 signal outputs
  • Exciting wireless link, native support for simagic base
  • Fanatec simucube throstmaster is supported after using power supply accessories
  • In addition, you can still choose to use wired mode to link computers

Comes with Luminous stickers (same as real cars, glowing under ultraviolet light)!

Weight: Roughly 1200g


Add-ons total:



The final form – beyond the details of reality!

Geometric angle:

  • The complete aluminum alloy frame formed by stamping die at one time can achieve perfect corner and maintain unparalleled strength


Ergonomics of endurance race standard:

  • Ergonomic design with the same standard as the real world
  • Aluminum mold injection lightweight foam molding, on the basis of ensuring accuracy, let the weight of the steering wheel reach the top standard
  • The leather is wrapped in exactly the same way as the car steering wheel to ensure enough friction in fierce driving


Ultra high strength back cover:

  • The back cover made entirely of aluminum alloy CNC provides a high strength of more than 25nm
  • The complex space structure and exquisite design achieve a light and beautiful shape on the basis of maintaining the overall thickness of the steering wheel


Electronic accessories customised by simracing:

  • 7-way function switch provide the practicality needed for driving simulation
  • Customised knob encoder ensures excellent hand feel. Three additional buttons are provided when they are pressed
  • Customised buttons have crisp feedback


Amazing shift paddles!

  • The complex shape shift paddles made of aluminium alloy are memorable both in front and back
  • The custom-made rubber anti-skid pad has a comfortable shifting feel never felt before
  • Non contact sensor provides long time stability
  • The interior structure also adds a silent design, so you don’t have to worry about affecting your family while having a good fellying


Different clutch paddles:

  • The clutch paddle made of forged carbon fiber and aluminum alloy is different from any version you have ever seen before
  • Press one side of the lever and rotate the function switch to quickly adjust the clutch point. No additional software settings are required    


Super compatible link design:

  • Wireless communication using 2.4G signal. Connect to your computer through our accessories for different brand bases
  • At the same time, the wired link mode is reserved, and two sets of data transmission solutions are provided
  • Unique integrated mounting base, suitable for 70mm and 50mm mounting hole spacing
  • The integrated design ensures that there is no additional steering wheel thickness after quick release is installed, so that you can have a comfortable sitting position while switching between different steering wheels


Try turning off the lights and using ultraviolet light, and you’ll have the same experience as a real endurance car! 



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