Simagic Alpha Mini GT4 Carbon Bundle


Welcoming the Simagic Alpha Mini GT4  Carbon bundle to Abruzzi!




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Wheel Features:

  • Standard 300mm Diameter
  • Carbon Front Panel
  • CNC Aluminum Structure
  • Carbon Fiber Shifters
  • Made Of High Quality Rubber Grip
  • Dual-Clutch Or Without Clutch
  • 8 RBG Programmable Buttons
  • 2 x 4-Way Triggers and  2 x  Programmable Buttons
  • 50mm Quick Disconnect To Wheel Base
  • In-Game Wireless Communication


Wheelbase Features:

  • A Maximum Torque of 10 N/M
  • 2.4 GHz WLAN connection
  • Servo motor for the maximum smoothness possible!
  • A compact & optimised design in dimensions of 110 x 167 mm.
  • Advanced configurations via alpha manager
  • New generation of physics-based friction models for unprecedented force feedback authenticity
  • Dedicated AI (artificial intelligence) for force feedback optimisation
  • Advanced compatibility with Simagic peripherals
  • Calculate up to 40,000 force feedback frequencies per second
  • Minimum static force 0.01 N/M (for smoothness)
  • Data transmission up to 1 kilohert
  • Exclusive settings for drift and rally mode



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2 Paddle, Dual Clutch 4 Paddle


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