Moza CS V2 Round Wheel

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Jump in the front seat with the all new amazingly well designed and quality for money Moza CS round wheel featuring…

CS V2 Racing Wheel – Round

  • CS V2 Racing Wheel
  • LED RGB Light Highlight!
  • Wireless Hot-Swappable
  • Nappa Top Leather
  • Carbon Fiber Panel

D1 SPEC Customized Quick Release


  • CS Racing Wheel
  • Quick start guide & warranty card


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CS V2 Racing Wheel – Round

  • CS V2 Racing Wheel
  • LED RGB Light
  • Wireless Hot-Swappable
  • Nappa Top Leather
  • Carbon Fiber Panel
  • D1 SPEC Customized Quick Release


  • Wheel Materials: Nappa leather (first layer)
  • Frame Material: Brushed Aluminium Alloy
  • Panel Material: Forged Carbon Fibre
  • Paddles Material: 3mm Forged Carbon Fibre
  • Paddle Magnet: Gold plated N52 Magnet
  • Size: 13 Inch
  • Magnetic Paddles Qty: 2
  • Mechanical Keyboard Texture Buttons: 6
  • 20 Segment Knobs (pressed): 2
  • Universal Rocker (pressed): 2
  • Horn: 1
  • Highlight LED RGB Light: 10
  • LED Colour: Colour Customization
  • Power Supply: Wireless
  • Signal Transmission: Wireless


  • CS Racing Wheel
  • Quick start guide & warranty card


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2 reviews for Moza CS V2 Round Wheel

  1. Carey (verified owner)

    I purchased the Moza CS wheel (£249 at time of writing) to accompany the R9 wheelbase – bought together at a hair under £650 it’s a great value proposition for an entry-level direct drive system that compares favourably with Fanatec’s CSL DD. My first impressions of the wheel were positive; well weighted, solid construction and the finish on the materials felt premium. The face buttons all have a positive action when pressed and the dials have a firm, clicky detent. Although I would prefer a ‘handle’ style knob for better leverage, like the RS wheel, it’s nothing worth quibbling over. The carbon fiber paddle shifters are also top notch; the pull has a firm, satisfying action and the return is quick and snappy, but they are a bit loud! The other point worth highlighting is the excellent quick release; I don’t have anything else I can compare it to, but the ‘clunk’ when it engages gets me every time – it’s addictive! There is also zero play in the mechanism, so top marks. Overall I would very much recommend the CS wheel. The only thing I could find to complain about is the stitching on the leather on the inside of the wheel, which after some time felt a little abrasive on my thumb (time to invest in some sim racing gloves I guess).The great value makes you question Moza’s pricing on the £200 dearer (at time of writing) RS wheel. That said, I do intend to buy the Formula style GS wheel at some point, so here’s hoping for some Black Friday discounts!

  2. william.inkson (verified owner)

    What a wheel! Bought with an R9 wheelbase to replace a Logitech system and the difference is incredible. This is not a toy, it feels more like a tool than a toy. Build quality is fantastic, really solid made with quality materials. For the price the use of carbon fibre and aluminium and that quick release is outstanding. Its a real step up from other products at this price range. Flawless connection with the R9 wheelbase (I was surprised to learn it actually uses a bluetooth connection) and a great feel in the hand. A little bigger than most wheels on the market and I see that as a real positive helping it to feel more “real”. Absolutely fantastic and a pleasure to use.
    Service from Abruzzi fantastic with great input from customer service.
    Combine this with a a R9 wheelbase and you are getting a great set up for a very reasonable price.

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