Moza SRP 2 Pedal Set

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Perfect for anyone starting out in Simracing or wanting quality for less without loosing the real feel for a great drive!

  • Perfect for anyone starting out in Simracing or wanting quality for less!
  • High-Precision Pressure Sensor
  • CNC Aluminium Pedal Assembly
  • Adjustable
  • Two Pedals Accelerator & Break (clutch can be purchased separately).

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  • All aluminium alloy with CNC process
  • Load Cell: 1500N/750N
  • Maximum Monitoring Force Of Brake: 750N/375N
  • Rotational Sensor: 16 Bit / 65536 ppr resolution
  • Throttle Form: Organ Floor
  • Pedal Force: Adjustable
  • Pedal Face Angle: Adjustable
  • Pedal Distance: Adjustable
  • Pedal Flush: Adjustable
  • Pedal Stroke: Adjustable
  • Connection: Adjustable
  • Size: 364mm x 515.1mm x 256.5mm
  • Weight: 7.5kg


  • Brake, and Throttle
  • 1 x Foot Plate
  • Brake rubber spring
  • Brake compression spring
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide & warranty card


4 reviews for Moza SRP 2 Pedal Set

  1. tristan.ferguson (verified owner)

    Just had my Pedals arrive in the post just now and i am very happy with the service. One of the best company sellers I dealt with and packaging was undamage.

    The load cell pedal has a soft spring with a medium rubber damper, to would need to pay for the addon mod with Moza if you want the harder spring and a different rubber damper. throttle was vey nice as well. no complaints.

  2. william.inkson (verified owner)

    Bought at the same time as a R9 wheelbase and a CS wheel but this is the only product I wasn’t overly happy with. I think this mainly comes down to my expectations and experience with the other Moza products I received. Not necessarily a bad product but not one I’m happy with.
    The pedals were well packaged and are certainly well built but once assembled the problems began to show. Initially I found it really quite difficult to attach to my my pedal deck and routing the cables is an issue. The pedals are made of solid materials but in use is where they start to show some flaws. The accelerator pedal is smooth and comfortable to use but there are some sharp edges. The brake pedal is the real issue here. It is really light. Far too soft making accurate braking difficult. I actually found it lighter than the pedal on my Logitech set that it replaced. I think this is where my expectations really hurt me as I expected a significant step up that I didn’t get. This is in complete contrast to the rest of the Moza products I purchased which have been nothing short of stunning. I don’t think these pedals are a bad product or a bad deal, I just wanted more. They disappointed me enough that within a week I have actually replaced them with different pedals. Moza do make a set of replacement springs for these pedals which may well rectify the major issue but I was unable to source them in a reasonable time frame.
    Its worth noting that customer services at Abruzzi actually recommended a different set and I chose not to go for it. I should have listened! Great customer service and not a bad product, just not what I was looking for.

  3. philip.perkins (verified owner)

    bought these off a recommendation from a friend i race with, must say from opening the box to running my 1st laps that for the money these are a quality pedal. The heel plate is made from good quality metal and fixing together was real easy. I only ordered the 2 pedal set so need to get the clutch for when i play ETS2 but for ACC the setup was easy and the feel comes almost straight away. I did a race the weekend just gone at Laguna using my old T3PA pedals and withing 5 laps i’m within a second of those times so with more practice i can see me shattering the lap timesi’ve been doing.

    So Throttle has a nice long progressive feel to it and just the right amount of pressure required for me to push it. The brake on the other hand is what i really need to get my head round, load cell braking is a different game altogether and found myself running so deep into corners or off track trying to get used to them but the benefits far outway those for me.

    Anyway i would highly recommend these if you’re looking to trade up from old Potentiometer pedals as these are far superior in every way.

    Well done Moza on making an affordable Load Cell pedal set.

  4. muneeb.asad (verified owner)

    Great pedal set for the price point.

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